mandag 2. juni 2014

This and that

The last weeks has been faboulus in Oslo. The summer came early this year and the only thing to do is to enjoy! I have done a lot of EPP and my Edelweiss is growing.

Now I'm ready for the frame. This will be a beautiful wallhanging for Christmas.

Some Weeks ago the Australien designer Anni Downs from hatch'n patch visited Norway. She has a lot of beautiful designs. I bought a couple of patterns. One of them I had to make at once.

This little needle roll is so nice. I made it with my own fabrics.

Today summer is in the kitchen with the summer Wallhanging.

This is disapearing ninepatch. Love the fabrics.

Have a nice day!


2 kommentarer:

  1. Din Edelwiss, som Du håller på att sy är otroligt vacker, tycker jag!


  2. All your work is lovely and beautifully done, Kari!